Amsel Flood

Jesus heals the crippled woman on the Sabbath

From when my youngest daughter was still little, we noticed that she had a particular interest for colors and color effects in the nature.  She often expressed her fascination for distinct phenomena on the sky, in the woods, mountains and so forth. She quite often interrupted us from whatever we were doing to ask us […]


The surpassing value of knowing Christ

The word I will share with you today is not from the gospel reading but I chose to share with you from the first lesson Phillipians Chapter 3 verses 4-14. The theme I have given to the message is , the surpassing value of knowing Christ. I recently heard a sermon on the function of […]


Building a deeper relationship with Jesus


To Grow in Love

The challenge of reacting differently. It is easy to respond right when you are treated right but it is not easy to respond correctly when you are treated badly. God is kind to all the righteous and the unrighteous. If  you are of God you reflect God.  Are you able to extend to others what […]