Who We Are


At the ALC you’ll find a spiritually vibrant and unifying Christian community. This is a diverse congregation, becoming more so every day. We’re from many nations and denominations. We warmly welcome any short-term and long-term visitors to Oslo, ex-pats, embassy personnel, foreign students, singles, families, refugees and tourists. This is a church of Christ and there is a place for you here.

Founded on the initiative of the Lutheran church in the United States, we uphold and value our Lutheran history and traditions. But our mission remains to bring people of different nations and denominations together and empower them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


We’re a ship with a Lutheran rudder. However, at any given time the rest of this “ship” is made up of people from different Christian denominations and traditions. Embracing this wonderful diversity is an essential part of who we are and we see it as one of the many ways God has blessed us. Respecting our different traditions, finding our common center in the Trinity and joining together in our mission to serve the English speaking community in Oslo are main elements of who we are as a Christian faith community.

ALC In Oslo

We’re proud to be part of the Oslo scene and want to play our part in making this wonderful city a welcoming place for foreigners. Should you know someone who’s new in town and looking for an English speaking Christian community, please feel free to direct them to the ALC.

Based on our American heritage, we’re a natural community center for Americans in Oslo. We regularly host American groups, events and organizations in Oslo. Contact our church office if you would like to learn more about utilizing our premises for your next meeting or event.


As an international and ecumenical congregation in Oslo, we’ve built a wide reaching network with other Christian communities across local, regional, European and transatlantic lines. Please visit some of our friendship organisations in and outside of Norway at: