Pastoral care


Baptism is being made part of the family of God and becoming a member of the church. Except for emergencies, the Sacrament of Baptism is administered at one of the regular services. Both adults and infants are baptized using three hand-fulls of water at the Baptismal Font in our Sanctuary. Please contact the pastor as early as possible about any baptism. Parents/families will be called for a meeting before the baptism.


In preparation for marriage, it is our policy for the couple to meet with the pastor for pre-marriage counseling sessions. As soon as the marriage is contemplated, the pastor should be notified so that these counseling sessions may be arranged and he may assist the couple in making wedding plans. Please note that Norwegian law allows the pastor of the ALC to marry only couples where one of them is a U.S. citizen. In other instances, we are happy to provide a blessing to the marriage. Please speak with our pastor for further information.

Hospital Visitation

The pastor desires to call on all who are hospitalized. Please contact the pastor if you know you will be in the hospital or know of someone who is in the hospital and in need of pastoral care.


As soon as a death has occurred, the pastor should be contacted so that he may bring the ministry of the Church and the message of Christian comfort, and may assist in making the funeral plans.