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500th Reformation Anniversary Event: The “Luther” Movie Nov. 4.

500th Reformation Anniversary Event: The “Luther” Movie The “Luther” Movie was a 2003 Hollywood production.  The script and intricacies of the story and Luther’s theology were created in coordination with Lutherans. The movie is well done, and will bring Luther, the man, as well as his time in history alive for us in the 21st century. It […]


Who was Martin Luther? Fellowship and Teaching, Saturday March 25.

Martin Luther.  Have you ever wondered: Who he was?  What he did?  Why were his actions and writings so important?  Come and find out the answers to those question! Pastor Joel will be teaching about Martin Luther through sharing, history, video, writings, and discussion. Place: Hanson Hall Date:  Saturday, March 25 Time:  09:30 until 14:30 […]