Easter Sunday

Alleluia!  Jesus Christ is Risen!  He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Today is a joyous day for us, a day of total joy in the celebration of our Savior’s resurrection to new life.  And if it is such for us, we might imagine how the disciples felt that first Easter morning upon hearing the news of […]


Easter Sermon

Alleluia, Jesus is risen!  He is risen indeed, alleluia! What a joyous day Easter is, for it is on this day that we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection…his new life.  It is a joyous day for us believers as Paul reminds us in the first reading, “…of the good news that [he] proclaimed…through which [we] also…are being […]


Palm Sunday

Being that I don’t preach week in and week out at the time, I have days and weeks to ponder and think about texts and the scripture readings that are coming up. Weeks ago, when I re-read the Mark text for Passion Sunday I smiled thinking, “Oh yeah, this is the long, long story of […]