Pastor Emily Rova-Hegener

Doubting Thomas

When we first moved to Oslo in the summer of 2015, we heard that we would be getting new neighbors across the hall. I remember Torill Sebro saying how great it would be for us to have these new neighbors because they too, were from the United States and had children around the same ages […]


All Saints

A couple of months ago, Pastor Joel preached about a mentor of ours by the name of Antti Lepisto. Antti was a pastor, who shaped and impacted both Pastor Joel and my life deeply in many ways. Antti was born in the US to Finnish parents, so he spoke Finnish from the start and followed […]


Palm Sunday

Being that I don’t preach week in and week out at the time, I have days and weeks to ponder and think about texts and the scripture readings that are coming up. Weeks ago, when I re-read the Mark text for Passion Sunday I smiled thinking, “Oh yeah, this is the long, long story of […]


Christmas Day

Grace and Peace to you from God our Creator and Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen The story this morning sounds so idyllic and lovely doesn’t it? We have this Sunday School image of the three wise men traveling under a dark, but starlit sky, following that glorious twinkling off in the distance. Or […]



Whose head is this and whose title. The word for head in greek is icon, which is translated as likeness.  So Jesus question was whose likeness is this and whose title.  The writer has chose likeness intentionally. This word likeness is connected directly with the first verse read to day.  We are reminded we are […]


Moving, chosen by God

Many of us know what it is like to be an alien in a foreign land. When we move from one place to another we let go of what is behind us and we experience a loss of what we once were and this is hard and painful because depending on your circumstances you may […]


Names Part 2

Names define who we are and give us meaning.  Jesus Baptism is extremely important because when the heavens opened and the voice announced “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” , Jesus was given the  family name which is My Beloved.  His name defines who he is and more importantly whose he […]