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We give thanks and honers to interim Pastor Tim Peterson and wife Donadee for their service our Congregation and the Body of Christ. Thank you Pastor for your faithful service and best of wishes on your continuous journey serving the Lord. Our ministry will enter a temporarily phase while awaiting install of our new Pastor Sherri Frederikson later this year. We will have stand-in online sermons from previous ALC-serving pastor’s.

Online Sermon Calendar

Sundays 11 am CEST
Pastor Sherri Frederikson – April 19th
Pastor Norm Belland – April 26th
Pastor Joel Rova-Hegener & Emily Rova-Hegener – May 3rd
Pastor Joel Rova-Hegener & Emily Rova-Hegener – May 10th
Pastor Tim Stewart – Pastor Steve Kienberger –
Pastor Guy Redfield –