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Do you want to give to disaster relief from
the hurricanes?  Here’s how!  The ALC office
has been asked, “How can we give support to
the victim’s of the hurricanes and the
earthquake in Mexico, and know it will get
there?”  Here’s how!
ELCA Disaster Response is a proven,
long-term provider of aid to disaster
victims and their communities.  ELCA Disaster
Response has a reputation for providing
assistance and care in effective and meaningful
ways through working with other agencies and
churches.  100% of the gift you give via ELCA
Disaster Response goes towards aiding the work
of healing and recovery from a disaster.  How
is this possible?  It is possible because the
employees of ELCA Disaster Response are paid
through regular church offerings given to
the national church body by local congregations.
To find out more, and to safely give on-line,
look up: ELCA Disaster Response, or, go directly to: