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Dear ALC members and friends,

The ALC Women’s Fellowship retreats have become a meaningful and uplifting regular event in the life of our church, and you are warmly invited to our retreat on August 25th and 26th. This year’s theme is:

A Time for Everything

God’s Melody in our Lives

Have you ever seen the music score a conductor uses? It shows the amazing complexity of the instruments, weaving together melodies and themes, setting emphases, building tension and release, creating wonderful harmony.

Thinking of the melody of our lives, God as the conductor has given each one of us gifts and talents, tasks and a purpose. We can discover what instrument we play, how to make the most beautiful sound, where we fit in the orchestra and how we contribute to the overall score.


Analogies like this have their limits, of course. But they set the scene for what this retreat is all about: to discover more of how He has gifted you, what your passion is and what spurs you on even when life is tough. Let us discover together how we can encourage one another to become all we are meant to be in God’s orchestra of life.


Your melody is unique and valuable! Please let us hear it.

Where?               ALC Hanson Hall

When?                 Friday 25th August 17:00 – 21:00, starting with registration and a light meal

Saturday 26th August 9:00 – 15:00, starting with breakfast at 8:30 and                                                including lunch and refreshments

Cost?                    200 kr for the whole event including meals                             300 kr for mother&daughter                             100 kr for students

Contact:              groupemail.alcwf (AT) or the church office:       phone: 22443584, e-mail: office (AT)