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ALC Women’s Fellowship  Group— One evening a month women at ALC
gather for fellowship, in order to find and enjoy friendship and
mutual support, and be empowered and equipped as followers of
Jesus in our everyday lives

Starting with our retreat in September 2016 we have been exploring
aspects of loving one another, listening to the Lord and laughing
together. We have looked at our gifts and God-given talents and how
they find an expression in the context of community. God’s call to
each one of us reaches us at the crossroads of our individual gifting
and the needs of the world. In order to live lives that are bigger
than ourselves, we need one another in the body of Christ.  This is
what we focus on in our ALC Women’s Fellowship meetings.

Before the summer break we plan a fun evening out at a restaurant
on June 9th, and on August 25th and 26th we round off our theme
with Our Annual Retreat.  Further information will be coming soon,
but please put the dates in your diaries!

The 2017/18 season will also have a thematic thread: we will look
together at stages of our spiritual journey and getting to know
Jesus more personally. We will explore going deeper in our
conversations with the Lord, discovering the treasure trove of His
Word and practicing Spiritual Disciplines to help and guide us on our way.

We will publish the meeting dates as soon as they are finalized.
However, for your planning here is a heads-up for a very special time:
On October 27-29 we plan a retreat at Lia Gård. This is a great opportunity
for good fellowship and fun, and above all, time with God without the usual
distractions and responsibilities of everyday life. So, we hope you can take
time to enjoy this wonderful event with us!

You are most warmly invited to join us!

With blessings –
Piia, Emily and Ulrike