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Are you willing to share your gifts and a little part of your time in ministry of ALC? There are many people who are volunteering at ALC and we would like to welcome you to join us!

Please fill out TIME AND TALENT SHEET or use this Volunteer Form and tell us about your gifts! Some people have filled it out already and we received your kind offer, thank you so much!! If you have not filled it out yet, you can find it in the Narthex in the church.

You can also just send an email to the office, without filling out the form.
The different ministries in the church are loosely divided between these chairs in the council:

(please contact the office, or Toril) Worship – including music and leading singers on Sundays
(please contact the office, or Wyonne) Membership
(please contact the office, or Fundi) Outreach
(please contact the office, or Marielle) Communication  and technology
(please contact the office, or Nick) Properties
(please contact the office, or David) Education –  including Sunday School
(please contact the office, or Mark) Stewardship