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Are you willing to share your gifts and
a little part of your time in ministry
of ALC?
 There are many people who are
volunteering at ALC and we would like to
welcome you to join us!  Please fill out
Time and Talent Sheet (attached below and also can be given in church/office) and tell us about your gifts !
You can bring it to the Church on Sunday
or send it to Church Office.
Thank you!

Time & Talents
The ALC needs your help to do the many tasks that need to be done in the church. Any
extra time you may have to contribute to doing God´s work is greatly appreciated.
Below you will find an overview of ALC´s Committees and what areas/tasks they are
responsible for. Please kindly mark the Committee(s) in which you find
areas/tasks in which you have an interest in helping with and deliver the
completed form to the church office and you will be contacted.
_____ Worship Committee – Assisting minister, scripture reading, ushering, preparing
communion, sound system, music, choir
_____ Fellowship Committee – Waffle making, preparing food, procuring food, kitchen
supplies and equipment, planning & coordinating events
_____ Property Committee – Work days, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical
work, painting, building projects, outdoor tasks, lawn mowing, snow removal , general
maintenance tasks
_____ Education Committee – Sunday School, adult & youth education, youth group,
prayer group, nursery, Bible study, library, retreats, Christian book sales
_____ Outreach Committee – Benevolence giving, fostering relationships with other
congregations and the ELCA
_____ Stewardship Committee – Fund raising, Fund raisers e.g. flea market &
Christmas Bazaar, temple talks, time & talent program
_____ Membership Committee – Maintaining membership lists, greeters for church
services, new member receptions, identifying and contacting potential members,
sending cards for newborns, those in hospital and in the event of a death of a member.
_____ Communications – ALC website, e-mail blast, communication with social media,
Messenger, bulletin announcements, advertising, maintaining and purchasing
computer hardware & software
Thank you for helping and may God bless you!
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