Posted by MM

Come join the Christmas sing-a-long followed by a short fellowship with coffee and treats! Bradley Staubes is going to accompany us.

1) YOU ARE ALL WELCOME to just come by the 9th and sing along with us.

2) You are also welcome to send requests on which songs you would like to sing. We will see all requests as a whole and make a selection. We are thinking 70% hymns and 30% carols, which can also be on the secular side).

3) We are hoping to gather enough people to sing at least (!) 3 songs in harmony. We will rehearse December 2. after service, ca 12.15 until 13.15. And also on December 9. at 15.30.

Would YOU like to participate and sing parts? It would be good to have at least two confident singers on each voice who could “sheperd the flock” and sing out in a full voice. The more, the merrier and more confident.

If you are interested in singing parts, please respond to mminutella AT before medio November, and state:

1) YES, I want to sing parts up in the loft
2) YES/NO able to read music and lead my group.

If you would like to sing along downstairs and not sing parts,- you are anyway equally encouraged to send me requests for songs to sing.

Hope to see many of you!