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I am guessing the game of “Hide and Seek” is almost universal across the globe. Didn’t we all run to hide with our child-adrenalin pumping, so much that it was pretty hard to keep still when the one who was “it” and counting would say “Here I come, ready or not!!” We knew the one who was out to find us was coming!! No matter where we hid!

I have heard of many who speak of Norway, an officially “Christian” country, as having become a society with few who make active participation in a faith community an important part of their lives. Statistically that’s true.


But consider this: the God we know by knowing Jesus Christ is a God not content to wait for people to decide to approach God; rather, the sending of the Christ Child “to a people who live in deep darkness” (Isaiah 9:2) makes very clear God’s pursuit of all humankind is relentless. Even the people who have chosen to not think much about God. God thinks about them… not only thinks, but pursues. It’s like we’re on a life-long game of Hide and Seek, and God never stops seeking.

This season will culminate in the celebration of Christmas, a time when many who may have seldom come to church may show up. To them, our worship – our prayer and proclamation and praise – becomes a sign of God’s very presence. Perhaps they come expecting a soft sentimental family time, and I hope they have that… but more… I hope they also glimpse a people assembled to thank God for being a daily, hourly, constant presence in our lives.

And if that happens, perhaps the adrenalin of the Hide and Seek game of years ago will begin to pump again, and they may sense the pursuit of a God whose love for us knows no restraint. So we pray that in this season of “Advent” (i.e., “coming,”) not only will each of us who are part of the congregation sense God’s pursuit, but others will sense it as well!

Peter Rogness


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