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Third Culture Kids – From Children to Adults;
How do we raise them?
Anna Maria Moore shares the realities along
with her story as a TCK (Third Culture Kid.)
Many of our children at the ALC are growing up
outside of their ‘passport’ countries, or in a
multi-national household. We will learn about
what it means to be a TCK, but as importantly
what it means to grow into a TCK-Adult.  How can
parents help prepare their TCK’s for adulthood?
All children are welcome, and will have their
own sessions to grow, learn and explore what it
means to be a Third Culture Kid.
Saturday, 10 March; 9:00 to 1:00 (13.00) at the ALC.

Coffee and pastries served during the morning break!
50 nok per individual, 100 nok per family.
For more info, please contact Pastor Joel.