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Christmas Eve Potluck Christmas Dinner
in Hanson Hall on December 24 at 17:00.
Please bring a dish to share!

Sign-Up and be a part of the “Julaften Middag”. Immediately
following the  Christmas Eve service a Sign-Up potluck Dinner.
We like to put food  on the table to share, please sign-up and
tell what you are going to bring, so that a complete Christmas
meal is created. The Sign-Up sheet is now located in the Narthex,
on the bulletin board.

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS  We are decorating the church altar
with 15 red poinsettias. You can sign up on the bulletin board for
one or more plants which will be placed around the altar railing
for the Christas Eve Service and Christmas Day Service next day.
This year Christmas Eve is Sunday and many people will visit
our  beautiful sanctuary!! You can take your plant(s) home
after the Christmas Day Service. It costs about 35-40 kroner each.
Thank you so much.