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Living as Women of Impact and Influence


November 8th & 9th 2019

Friday 17:00-21:00

starting with registration and a light meal

Saturday 9:00 – 15:00

breakfast from 8:30, lunch and refreshments

Kindly register by October 31st


American Lutheran Congregation

ALC: Hanson Hall

Fritznersgate 15

0264 Oslo, Norway


NOK 200 to cover retreat materials,

meals and refreshments.
Mother & daughter rate NOK 300

Student rate NOK 100

However, finances should not be a

barrier – contact ALC.

Child Care:

As this event offers time aside in our busy schedules for reflection and fellowship, we would like to keep it child free.

If you need help with child care, please contact us.


Phone: 97 00 54 65 (Ingrid Fossland)

Phone: 41 40 12 51 (Heidi Schmidt)

E-mail: orrmarrianne AT

We are all influencers!

Ulrike Krallmann, whom many of us know from previous Women’s Retreats, has been invited to facilitate this event.

When we think of people who impact and influence others, most likely those come to mind who have positions of power or access to people in power – political spin doctors, lobbyists, financial advisors, journalists and many more.

In this day and age the internet and social media also have created a host of so called ‘influencers’ who peddle anything from styling tips, clothes and cosmetics brands to input and opinions on every imaginable topic, aiming to get as many followers and ‘likes’ as possible.

“Men are all mosaics of other men. No man can meet another on the street without making some mark upon him”, said the Scottish biology professor and evangelist Henry Drummond, and this is just as true for women.

Most of us don’t have high powered jobs or our own YouTube channel. CAN we then have influence and make an impact? Oh yes! And DO we, even if we are unaware of it? Most certainly!

During our time together, we will look at who the influencers were and are in our own lives, discuss the merit of role models and will discover what the Bible teaches us on the subject. “There are some men and some women in whose company we are always at our best” – to quote Drummond again. And 2 Cor 3:3 states: “Your very lives are a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you. Christ himself wrote it – not with ink, but with God’s living spirit, not chiseled in stone, but carved into human lives…” We will take time to reflect on ways to live so we show how Christ is being carved into our lives and we draw out the best in others.


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Payment can be made to ALC Bank Account number 7001.06.85956

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Send your registration by Oct. 31st to:

E-mail: orrmarrianne AT

The mission of the American Lutheran Congregation is to bring people of different nations and denominations together, and in the English language, empower them into becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

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Living as Women of Impact and Influence

This woman’s retreat is a time and space set aside for you.

We will, again, be taking time…

  • to pause
  • to listen – to God, yourself and others
  • to enjoy fellowship sharing food and fun

Please join us as we find encouragement in God’s Word to be salt and light, impact and influence, so that others can become all they are meant to be.