We’re an international faith community with members from many nations, church back-grounds, cultures, denominations, traditions and experiences. The biblical principle of hospitality is a watchword for us and we strive to be a community of faith where every person will be welcomed with dignity and acceptance.

When you walk in the door to our church, you might think that what’s most obvious is how different we all are from one another – but it’s not. Instead, every Sunday we are reminded that God has made us as we are and given us to one another to receive, support and care for.

Some days it might seem that what unites us is only the English language, being in Oslo and our common faith in the Triune God – but we know that what unites us each week and every day is the Holy Spirit. This is a church of Christ, so please know that if the Holy Spirit directs your steps our way, there is a place for you here at the ALC.

Everyone is welcome to take part in our worship and community. If you consider making us your church, we can offer you two types of memberships:

Full Members

Full members have their church membership in Norway at the ALC and their Norwegian personal numbers are registered with the Norwegian authorities as such. The ALC receives a small amount of support from the State for full members.

Associate Members

Associate members maintain their primary membership in another recognized church in Norway, but take active part in the ALC community. Associate members can participate fully in the regular life of the congregation. They can hold elected office and vote at the Annual General Meeting. There are a few rare instances, such as votes concerning the dissolution of the congregation, which are reserved for full members only. Associate Members’ personal numbers are not sent to the Norwegian government authorities for registration and the ALC consequently does not receive the state support for them.

Connect With Us

There are several ways for you to connect with us and ask any questions you might have about potential membership:

Visitor cards

Every Sunday you’ll find visitor cards in the worship bulletin. These cards are a great way for you to get your basic contact information to the church office and the membership committee. Just fill one out and return it using the offering plate which will come around during the worship service. The membership chair person or someone on the membership committee will follow up with you if you’ve indicated interest in membership when you filled out the visitor card.

Information meetings

We regularly offer information meetings for people who may be interested in becoming a member or have questions about membership. Information about membership is usually provided in the worship bulletin or announced during Sunday service.

Talk with the Pastor

The Pastor is always available to answer questions or have a more in depth conversation about the ALC and its ministry. A meeting with him can be set up by emailing or calling the church office.

You can find more information about our church and potential membership in our FAQ. However, please don’t hesitate to Contact form if you have questions about membership.