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Culinary Collection

ALC Cook book


Our very own ALC Culinary Collection is ready for sale, samples here. Thanks to the many contributions from our members it has turned out to be a substantial recipe book that will hopefully give you lots of reading and cooking pleasure. After covering production costs all proceeds will be added to the Fellowship fund and will help towards renovating the kitchen. This means we all will get to enjoy the benefits of this fundraising project!

Cost and Contact

The book retails at 50 NOK (+ optional shipping). So, as they say in Norwegian: Løp og kjøp! Contact office (a) or buy one after worship service on Sundays.

Thank You

Your generosity makes a difference. We depend on and appreciate the financial gifts to the congregation made by members and non-members alike. There are several ways to provide financial support for the ministry of the ALC. Bank transfers offers the most security and record keeping, we also accept paypal and cash offerings in the offering plate.

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