First Sunday in Lent

After his baptism, Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days, alone.  He did this in preparation for his coming ministry.  This wasn’t unheard of, both Moses and Elijah had done the same sort of thing to prepare themselves for their coming ministries on behalf of the Lord. Moses spent forty days and nights on […]


Transfiguration Sunday

Too often when I read the Bible I can get all caught up in the theological implications of what is being said or done, that I forget that the people of whom I am reading were real people.  I forget to look at what their emotions or thoughts might have been in the midst of […]


Die to yourself

In 1 Corinthians 15, today’s reading, Paul explains the doctrine of resurrection to those who doubted it. Clearly, from the questions they asked, Paul could see how shallow their reasoning was. Using the analogy of a seed, Paul explains the doctrine to them, and from this I would like us to draw lessons that are […]


Sermon on the plain

I met the most amazing man recently, a man who seems to embody, as much as a human can, the heart of Jesus.  This man loves the Lord, and so, loves God’s people, whoever they might be. While in Egypt for our Association of International Churches pastors’ conference we stayed three nights at Anaphora, a […]


When the Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

In today’s Gospel, Luke lays the scene of a very ordinary day. Jesus, one of many teachers and healers of the day, was by the lake addressing a crowd, something he had been doing for some time as he began his ministry in the Capernaum area (since he had left Nazareth after being chased to […]


Jesus in his home town

Jesus grew up in the town of Nazareth and to all of the other Nazarenes he wasn’t anything special.  He was simply Joseph’s son, the eldest of Mary and Joseph’s children.  As the oldest son, he would have learned his father’s trade and been working as a carpenter since he was a young teen.  And […]


Water into wine

A couple of years, during Lent, at one of the soup suppers we host here on Wednesday evenings we ran out of soup.  Two people had volunteered to bring pots of soup, which they did, but that evening the prepared soups were in smaller pots.  That, combined with a greater amount of people attending resulted […]


Baptism of our Lord

As a kid in school I didn’t get into too much trouble.  I listened to my teachers, usually finished my work, and with most teachers was very respectful.  The one thing that they did get after me for though, was talking.  Now you would thing it was because I was talking too much that a […]



In the liturgical calendar, today, January 6th is Epiphany.  It is the Sunday in which we remember the Christ child being revealed to the Magi, whom were gentiles, and thus to the world. In Greek, epiphany means, ‘revealed.’ Epiphany is also called by other Christian denominations; Theophany, meaning, ‘God appearing’, Little Christmas, or Three Kings’ […]

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