God calls us to be Under Shepherds

This is Good Shepherd Sunday.  The Fourth Sunday after Easter.  The church year is in 3-year cycles for the Scripture liturgically, yet we read a part of this chapter in John’s Gospel every year.  It is seen to be that important in our Christian lives.  Our sermon hymn today begins, The Lord is my Shepherd. […]


Silver and Gold, I do not have

Peter and John were walking through the temple gate called ‘Beautiful’ one day, when a man lame from birth called out to them for a gift of money.  This man sat each day at the temple gate begging.  That is how he survived.  He was a fixture there, everyone who regularly used the ‘Beautiful’ gate […]


Doubt is not unbelief

There is an ancient tradition, started by early Greek Christians in which the first Sunday after Easter was a Sunday in which to celebrate, and even find humor in life, and within the church.  In modern America, certain churches have come to call this Sunday, Holy Humor Sunday.  I was thinking about this tradition today, […]


Easter Sermon

Alleluia, Jesus is risen!  He is risen indeed, alleluia! What a joyous day Easter is, for it is on this day that we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection…his new life.  It is a joyous day for us believers as Paul reminds us in the first reading, “…of the good news that [he] proclaimed…through which [we] also…are being […]


Palm Sunday

Being that I don’t preach week in and week out at the time, I have days and weeks to ponder and think about texts and the scripture readings that are coming up. Weeks ago, when I re-read the Mark text for Passion Sunday I smiled thinking, “Oh yeah, this is the long, long story of […]


Jeremiah 31

The reading this morning from Jeremiah is one in which Jeremiah is speaking on behalf of God to the people of Judah who have been taken into captivity in Babylon.  Through Jeremiah, God is promising to his people a new day, a day that will dawn for them at some time in the future.  It […]


God so loved

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.” is part of the last verse of our lesson from Ephesians this morning. In this verse the Apostle Paul is speaking to us about our purpose in life.  We, the people of God, saved by grace through our faith in Jesus Christ are […]


God’s Foolishness

I love history.  To me it is a never ending string of fascinating stories, filled with interesting characters, odd circumstances, choices for good and ill, and the effects of the natural world upon humanity.  Since the world is filled with so much history, you cannot obviously know it all, and so, there is always something […]


Get Behind Jesus

Have you ever had it all figured out?  Now I mean, specifically with God.  Where for some reason you seem to know exactly how things should go down in your life, and in what God is doing? Well, there have been times that I figured, yep, this is exactly how it should go, and then […]

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