Confirmation Sermon on Reformation Sunday

Here we are, the day in which you will publicly claim your faith by affirming your baptism. In the eyes of the church this is an important day, for today you become adult members of this congregation and are given the rights and responsibilities of a Christian adult.  Today, I encourage you to start to […]


Jesus’ People, Forgiven and Loved

There are times when a scripture passage really hits home…today is one of those times for me.  Not the Mark scripture, but rather the verses we heard Ann read from Hebrews, especially the second and third verses in speaking of a priest. “He is able to deal gently with the ignorant and wayward since he […]


What Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life

Here we have it again!  The story of Jesus’ conversation with the young, wealthy man.  It is one of those scriptures when taken seriously, that makes people nervous. In just a few verses Jesus gives a command and makes declarations, that if we really believe what he is saying, and it is Jesus, so we […]


Pioneer of our Salvation

Living here in Norway these past years has forced me to ponder upon the ways that I speak about and act in regards to my faith and its understanding in the world. What I mean is that many of the Norwegians, outside of our church, that I have come to know on a deeper level […]


Who Are You

Who are you? We often get asked when it means, “What’s your name?” But, the question “Who are you?”  with a bit of thought, gets more complicated.  How do we define ourselves?  Job titles, personal accomplishments, life experiences, family roles such as parent, child, aunt or grandparent.  In an international community, nationality and cultural traditions […]


Who ever wants to be first shall be last

Jesus is a hard master to follow.  He is!  I mean, how do you follow someone who constantly is asking you to to try and live, to try and do, to try and speak against your very nature?  HOW?  How? Look at the disciples, they don’t get how to do it.  In fact they don’t […]


Who do you say that I am

“But who do you say that I am?” Jesus asked this question of his disciples during his ministry.  Yet, it is not a question that only those who shared his dusty road heard, but billions more have heard it as well. I think it is a question aimed at each of Jesus’ disciples throughout the […]


A Wideness in God’s Mercy

This faith business, this following of Jesus can be hard.  How is it that we walk as Christians when confronted with issues that divide and confuse? Well, we turn to the scriptures.  We open the Bible for guidance and help and strength.  Within the Bible lies the truth by which we live.  It is within […]


Hypocrisy, the Contamination of the Heart

This morning I am going to jump right in, ‘cause I cannot think of any cute stories about hypocrisy or people judging people, and I cannot even think of a good joke. In Mark’s gospel this morning Jesus speaks a hard truth to the Pharisees, as well as his other listeners.  To the Pharisees for […]


Ephesians 6

Unlike most of his other letters, the Apostle Paul wrote Ephesians to the believers in the church in Ephesus to teach and encourage them in their daily lives as a community of individual believers.  He wanted them to understand more about how to live out their lives as believers in Christ. We can see this […]

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