The Sermon on the Mount – Beattitudes compared to Meattitudes

Quite often in my life I have heard people use the word ‘blessing’ when talking about earthly wealth, property, nice things, job promotions and other markers of what humans think of as success. They speak using phrases such as, “Wow! This house is huge, what a blessing!” or, “She’s so rich…God must have really blessed […]


Names Part 2

Names define who we are and give us meaning.  Jesus Baptism is extremely important because when the heavens opened and the voice announced “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” , Jesus was given the  family name which is My Beloved.  His name defines who he is and more importantly whose he […]


The Importance of a Name

When the angel spoke to Mary he shared with her that she needed to give the son born to her a special name, a name with meaning. She must name him Jesus. In Hebrew it is, Yehoshua, which means, “God saves.” Today is the day that we remember the naming of Jesus, on the eighth […]


Christmas Day – Wise Men

The magi were not the only ones who came in obedience to Bethlehem.  They were not the only ones to believe that the long promised Messiah, the new King, had been born. Mary and Joseph, they came in obedience to Bethlehem, they obeyed the angel and came as Jesus’ mother and father to Bethlehem. The […]


The Christmas Story

When the angel reveals to the shepherds who has been born in Bethlehem, the angel uses a specific title that we too often simply think of as a ‘last’ name, the angel says, “…he is Christ the Lord.” ‘Christ’ is the Greek form of the Hebrew word ‘Messiah,’ which means, ‘anointed One.’ So what the […]


Emmanuel – God is with us

The writer Matthew’s priority is not the birth, but rather the conception. Matthew is very concerned that we readers understand who it is that is being born, from where he comes, and who he is. As the gospel writer Matthew tells us, Joseph was planning to quietly break his engagement with Mary to lessen the […]


Second Sunday in Advent – John and Jesus Different Baptisms

As we approach the new year we think about resolutions.  A decision to do or not do something. But they are more than this, they are promises or vows about something you seriously want to change and then you work as hard as possible to follow them. When John the Baptist calls for the people […]


Christ the King Sunday

It is not humans or human movements that we need to focus our energies and concentrate our hope, but rather we need to focus upon our Saviour, our King. Jesus needs to be the focus of our lives, he needs to be the at the center of our hearts. We need to seek Jesus´guidance in […]


A new heaven and a new earth

Jesus was reminding his listeners that as followers of Christ we cannot put our full trust, or our faith in human leaders, or governments or armies, or edifices, for they will fail you in some way or another. Jesus even specifically warns against those who will claim special knowledge of Jesus and his plans.  He […]


All Saints Day

Today is the Sunday in which we lift up and remember all of the saints of God, but especially those who have gone before us into the presence of the Almighty. God loves us, each of us, because of and in spite of whom we are. God loves us because we are his.  God created […]

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