Holy Trinity Sunday

I grew up at Trinity Lutheran Church of Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We called it, ‘Trinity’ for short.  At some point I asked my parents what the word ‘trinity’ meant, I had heard it in church and knew that it was the name of my church, so I wanted to know its meaning.  I […]



Today we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit into the lives of Christ’s followers on the 50th day after his death. And what a fifty days they were for Christ’s disciples.  First they experienced Jesus’ joyous resurrection, then those happy days of seeing the risen Lord in their midst which were too quickly followed […]


If you love me

Two weeks ago my wife Emily and I went to a conference for pastors and their spouses. All of us attendees are serving English speaking International churches in Europe and the Middle East and meet up once a year to learn, grow, and support one another.  This year the conference was held between the cities […]


Trust Also in Me

Has anyone ever stated to you the phrase ‘Trust me.’ I am sure that most of us have had that statement spoken to us at some point in our lives.  Maybe the speaker was standing in front of you with a blindfold in their hand ready to take you into a maze in some group […]


Building a deeper relationship with Jesus


A Days walk to Emmaus

This morning we read about two of Jesus’ disciples walking and talking their way from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus. You can be sure that they didn’t need the rhythm of their feet to keep their words flowing, for the depth of their conversation was in direct relation to the gravity of all that […]


Seeing is Beleiving

How often have you heard someone say, or have you yourself used one of these following phrases. “I can’t believe it!” “Show me.” “I am standing here in utter disbelief at what I just witnessed.” “Prove it to me.” “I can’t believe my eyes!” You know the old saying, “Seeing is believing.” Well I think […]

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