Who do you say I am

When asked, how do you describe people?  Do you use a physical description, do you tell of what a person does for a living, do you speak of some ones’ life experiences or do you reveal how that individual is important in your life? In high school and college I cleaned at the Episcopal Church […]


Woman – Great is your faith

We have all met people who we would not think would be the type to become members of the church.  We all have stereotypes in mind of who makes a good Christian and who does not.  I bet you, we each even have people who we have attended church with, whom we really didn’t think […]


Come and trust in me

We spent our holiday up in Troms Fylke, far to the North.  When we arrived the sun was still setting after midnight, and rising less than an hour later.  We spent our vacation in the arctic, because we have good friends whom live in Tromsø.  Darin and Ann Christin and their three children have been […]


The Kingdom of Heaven

In the 5 parables that we read earlier Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to different things that his audience at the time could easily relate to.  These things were things that the audience at that time could relate to. It could be a bit strange for us but they were very ordinary things for […]


Freedom in Christ

This past Tuesday, on July Fourth the United States of America celebrated two hundred and forty-one years of independence.  On May seventeenth Norway celebrated two hundred and three years of its constitution.  This coming December sixth, Finland celebrates a centennial, one hundred years of freedom. This twenty-first century might be the point in history in […]


God`s Peace

Have you ever seen those bumper stickers that say, “Envision World Peace?”  Or have you heard the phrase, “Peace in our time?”  These sayings, “Envision World Peace,”  “Peace in our time” and “Peace now” declare the utopian hopes, even dreams of many people.  But you know, I think the idea of world-wide peace is preposterous.  […]

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