Waiting in Faith for Jesus

Back in 1992 I studied for a semester here in Oslo.  I think I have shared occasionally about my time while here.  I lived up at Kringsja studentby, studied at Blindern, and traveled throughout Scandinavia with my cohort of fellow students, it was a great four months.  But, while I was learning and growing here, […]


All Saints Day

On All Saint’s day we remember those who have gone before us, some recently, and some who passed away years ago.  We remember them because, well they were important to us, they are the memorable people of our lives. As I write these words I remember my Grandma, whom I lost seven years ago, but […]


Reformation Sunday

Today is Reformation Sunday, the Sunday of the year when we take the time to look back at history, and to get a glimpse of where we have come from as the church, both Protestant and Catholic.  Yet I believe that it is also a time for us to take a look at where God […]



Whose head is this and whose title. The word for head in greek is icon, which is translated as likeness.  So Jesus question was whose likeness is this and whose title.  The writer has chose likeness intentionally. This word likeness is connected directly with the first verse read to day.  We are reminded we are […]


The Banquet

I think it was six Christmases ago, during the break from school, when, in America at least a lot of youth are sitting around trying to figure out what to do, I planned the best of youth events. It was the best of youth events, in that it was free, it was fun, and it […]


The surpassing value of knowing Christ

The word I will share with you today is not from the gospel reading but I chose to share with you from the first lesson Phillipians Chapter 3 verses 4-14. The theme I have given to the message is , the surpassing value of knowing Christ. I recently heard a sermon on the function of […]


Philippians 2

Do you like to receive mail?  I do.  And I don’t mean credit card offers, or sales magazines or bills, or spam on e-mail, but rather real communication from another person in my life.  I don’t care if it is in the form of an e-mail or a handwritten letter on paper received in an […]


The Overly Just Landowner

Do you ever get upset when you read the Bible?  I mean, when you read of something that happened, or perhaps what a prophet, or king, or even Jesus himself said, or maybe, what the Apostle Paul wrote? I do, at times, and over the years I have heard many people express anger, or angst, […]


The Huge Debt of Love

I have started up ALC’s Confirmation ministry again for this coming year. We are going to be learning about the hallmarks of our faith, using scriptures from the Bible, and coming to understand: the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, the Apostle’s Creed, and how we live our Christian […]


Get behind me Satan

Have you ever had it all figured out? Now what I mean is, specifically figured out with God’s plan for your life. Where for some reason you seem to know exactly how things should go down in your life, and what God is doing in it. Well, there have been times that I figured, yep, […]

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