The Baptism of Jesus

Last October while in Ireland we were walking down a road outside of Kinsale, County Cork on our way to see an old fortress.  As we passed a gate in a wall I noticed a sign sitting amongst flowers advertising ‘Wood Turner” with photos of wood bowls for sale.  The sign beckoned to us from […]


Simeon, Anna and the Christ child

Pastor Joel was sick in bed this Sunday and so his sermon was read by Pastor Emily Rova-Hegener Have you ever waited for something, for a long time? I have. Ever since my mom read to my brothers and me the book, “The Hobbit” I have been enthralled in the epic creation of the world […]


Christmas Day

Grace and Peace to you from God our Creator and Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen The story this morning sounds so idyllic and lovely doesn’t it? We have this Sunday School image of the three wise men traveling under a dark, but starlit sky, following that glorious twinkling off in the distance. Or […]


Christmas Eve

My mother collects crèches. You know, the little nativity scenes that usually include figurines of Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, shepherds, wisemen, animals and usually an angel suspended by a thread, hanging above it all. Well my Mom collects these, no, I mean really collects these, they are everywhere! Some are small and hang from […]


3rd Sunday in Advent – Christmas Story ALC Youth

In the recording, the youth of the ALC tell the story of Christmas from a different angle


Second Sunday in Advent

Deserts play a prominent role in today’s scriptures.  Deserts play a prominent role in the story of God and his people.  Deserts can test a person. I have spent time in the Chiahuahuan desert of Northern Mexico.  It is harsh but beautiful country. When I took walks in the desert I remember thinking, I would […]


First Sunday in Advent

So, The Justice League movie is out, as is the Thor movie.  These are both Super Hero movies, two of a multitude which have come out, and will come out in the theaters.  From the early Batman and Spiderman movies of the 1990’s, to the rash of Super Hero films in the Twenty-first Century, a […]


Christ the King Sunday

Today is Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the church calendar.  This morning is when we think of Jesus as omnipotent King. What do I have to say about Jesus Christ as King, on this Christ the King Sunday?  What can we know about our King, Jesus Christ today? Well first of all […]

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