Names Part 2

January 12, 2017


Names define who we are and give us meaning.  Jesus Baptism is extremely important because when the heavens opened and the voice announced “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” , Jesus was given the  family name which is My Beloved.  His name defines who he is and more importantly whose he is.  In Baptism we are all named and made a part of Gods family.  Baptism is an ongoing experience where God gives us a beginning.  From the beginning of time God wanted us for his own. In Jesus birth death and resurrection he made it possible for us to become part of his family.  In Baptism we are named and claimed.  Our Baptisms remind us whose we are. We are all children of God. All sharing in one family name, We are Beloved.  When we are baptized in Christ we are connected to each other deeply. Baptisms are family events, the larger family of God.  The whole family is there to love and serve and promise to support the person being baptized.

You are a beloved child of God marked with the cross of Christ for ever.  We should not ever forget whose we are. We are beloved children of God. We all have a place in God’s family and a purpose. Our baptismal names give us a purpose in life to go out and share Jesus’ peace and grace and love.  You are not alone as you go out into the wilderness you have your family with you.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 42:1 - 9
  • Matthew 3:13 - 17



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