Moving, chosen by God

March 12, 2017


Many of us know what it is like to be an alien in a foreign land. When we move from one place to another we let go of what is behind us and we experience a loss of what we once were and this is hard and painful because depending on your circumstances you may not want to have given up what you once were.

Abram and Sarai were asked to move because God was getting them ready for their future. It was not their choice to leave their ancestral lands. Abrams and Saraiś identity was connected to their ancestral lands. Identity gives us meaning and reminds us of who we are. The first question we ask our visitors is where are you from. We identify ourselves as being from where we previously came from. There is a gift in  moving forward spiritually, mentally and emotionally. God calls us to trust him.  Just like Abram and Sarai there is a gift.

Abhram and Sarai are chosen. But this does not mean that they are kept from harm. The promise they are given is that God is with them. It is about what God is doing through them.  We too have our identity in God.  We are all Gods children we are all a part of Gods family and we are all chosen. We are deeply loved. God chooses us, just like he chose Abhram and Sarai.  In our chosen-ness God is with us and is acting and doing ministry through us to the world every minute and every day. We are Godś children and God will work through us in all that we do.  Expect the unexpected and expect to be blessed.

Bible References

  • Genesis 12:1 - 4a
  • John 3:1 - 17



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