October 22, 2017


Whose head is this and whose title. The word for head in greek is icon, which is translated as likeness.  So Jesus question was whose likeness is this and whose title.  The writer has chose likeness intentionally. This word likeness is connected directly with the first verse read to day.  We are reminded we are created in Gods image , in Gods likeness. We are created and identified in Gods likeness. We are created to be co-partners with God in this world. We are called to act like God. We are created to be agents of Gods love in and through the world. it means we are called to be stewards of all that we are and all that we have to live out of that abundance and share it with the world every day.

The coin with Cesars image has become their identity and plays a big part in understanding who they are.  They have forgotten who they are and whose they are really are as they too were created in the image and likeness of God. They have stepped away from their  identity as children of God and let the world define who they are.   Jesus is calling them back to who they really  are and who they have their primary identity in.

We live in an incredibly rich society and country. We live in a place of abundance. We live in a place of excess.  I know talking about money and the ways of the world is incredibly uncomfortable. But the truth is that many of us live with great wealth and have far more beyond what we will ever need. Which is why  remembering whose likeness we are created in is central to our identity and the choices we make every single day.  The good news is that Jesus stands before us in scripture and reminds us of our image our identity in God.   You are a child of God, you are loved more than you will ever know.      You belong to God and you are part of Gods family.  You belong.  When we recognize and remember whose we are as children of God embodying the love that Jesus has for the world through us becomes a whole lot easier  because we operate out of our abundance as opposed to operating out of what we dont have and we are able to be stewards and gives of love that we are called to be when we operate out of the abundance.  Because we have been incredibly blessed because all that we have and all that we are  and all of are resources are Gods gift to us for the world we don’t own any of them. As Christians it is from this place as identity as Gods children we can make different choices from the rest of the world. No we are called to make different choices.

Since this text specifically deals with taxes. I want you to remember each time you use your credit or debit card,   all that you have belongs to God.   We all have choices and our choices impact everyone, as people who identify themselves as children of God and who know their likeness with God we as Christians in this world have numerous opportunities to live out our faith. We have the power to change things by the choices we make,  how we choose to use our debt and credit cards we need to think is this only benefiting me and my family or does it positively impact this community of ALC and the community and world out there. Can people recognize that we take our identity in Jesus seriously by what we do with our money. As stewards and copartners with God we can choose how we live out our talents and respond to those around us. Does our behavior towards others contribute in a way that  positively benefit others.  Can people around us recognize that we take our identity in Jesus  seriously by the way we share our gifts and talents. As stewards and co agents with God we can choose how we spend our time., whether it with loved ones or on our phone or in school or in the community. Does the way we spend out time contribute in a positive way that benefits the greater community as well.  Can people  around us recognize that we understand our identity in Jesus and live to make a difference in the world with the 1440 minutes we have every single day.  We have lots and lots of choices.    The reality is that we are not always going to always make positive choices that benefit all people all the time. We are human and we do mess up and God forgives us and  more importantly when we forget whose we are, Jesus lovingly calls us back and reminds us of our identity our likeness and our image in God our creator  and with Gods grace we go forward again. Amen

Bible References

  • Genesis 1:26 - 26
  • 1 Thessalonians 1:1 - 10
  • Matthew 22:15 - 22



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