The life to which we are called

This past week my family, along with my younger brother’s family did something very Norwegian, we went hiking in the mountains.  A week ago yesterday we traveled by train North to Reinheim National Park, South of Åndalsnes.  We hiked first to the hytta of Pyttbua, spent the night and then the next day hiked over […]


Jesus, Justice, Jazz

Today’s reading, the feeding of the 5,000, is a story that is so well known and remembered that sometimes it is hard to preach upon, because each of us have our understanding of what it is all about.  Well, this morning I want to share with you another aspect of what the feeding of the […]


He had compassion for them

Over the last weeks, it seems that I have been confronted again and again with the reality of our human frailty, and physical mortality. I have had news of friends’ being diagnosed with illnesses, visited parishioners in the hospital, talked with family members who are embarking on the hard journeys of fighting disease, and while […]


Where do you get your Power

May the words from my mouth and the meditation of —each – and every one of — our hearts be acceptable to you, O LORD, our rock and our Redeemer……(Psalm 19:14) … Amen.   Where do you get your Power? There is an African saying, “riding the tiger,” a Bishop and political leader explained to […]


Be Still and Know that I am God

When I was seven, my two brothers and I stayed with our Grandma for a few weeks while my parents were traveling in Finland, Sweden and the USSR.  It was a fun time for us city-boys for my Mom’s mother lived in a town of one hundred and thirty people in the middle of farm […]


Mustard Tree

Here we are on June 17th, getting ready to have our church picnic.  Though on the calendar, summer does not start for another four days, already it seems that we have been experiencing summertime for months.  Does it not? I am looking forward to our picnic today.  I like traditional picnic food.  Be it eating […]


Here are my mothers and brothers

Throughout the gospels Jesus declares whom he is with a great variety of different statements, for instance he declares at various times, “I am the good shepherd.  I am the bread of life.  I am the the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Jesus also uses parables to try and illustrate, either the Kingdom of […]


The Lord of the Sabbath

Our two stories from Mark this morning are linked by a number of commonalities.  What links them?  Let’s start with what is the most obvious link between these two stories in Mark, chapter 2. Most, if not all of you, will immediately think, “The link is that they both take place on the Sabbath!” And, […]


Holy Trinity Sunday

I remember when I was a boy, getting to know other children in my classes at school. Eventually, after talking about what we liked to play with, Legos for me. Or what sports were our favorites, for me American football, specifically the Minnesota Vikings.  Or, how many brothers or sisters we had, I have two […]



Today we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit into the lives of Christ’s followers on the 50th day after his death. And what a fifty days they were for Christ’s disciples.  First they experienced Jesus’ joyous resurrection, then those happy days of seeing the risen Lord in their midst which were too quickly followed […]

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