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Messenger | American Lutheran Congregation (ALC)

http://www.alcoslo.org/updates/messenger Read our new and bigger Messenger, scanned version, here!

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Photos from American Lutheran Church in Oslo - ALC's post

August 12. we had an undercover journalist from the Christian newspaper Vårt Land participating our worship! This is my English translation of the article : [The column is called «church sprout» and is written by “Sta. Birgitta” from the Christian Newspaper Vårt Land. “Sta. Birgitta” visits different worships and describes the first impression. Church denomination: Evangelical-Lutheran Church tradition, low church or high church: slightly above the middle towards high church. Preaching content, conservative/liberal: slightly above the middle towards liberal. Appearent facilitations: stair lift for wheel chair Language: English Open for everyone: yes Baptism: for children and adults Weddings: yes for different and same gender according to pastors’ conviction Date visited: August 12, 2018 Very few of us Norwegians have been to an American church. Your point of reference may be American TV-shows like Bree’s church in Desperate Houswives or the mega church in Greenleaf. Behind Frogner church in Oslo there is an American church which does not resemble any of those. Between embassies and some of Norway’s most expensive apartments lies a family oriented, international church which surprisingly enough many people may find has a room..

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During this Sunday’s Worship August 26. we will also have a blessing of the backpacks! Are you a student? A teacher? Bring your school backpacks, shoulder bags or briefcases to worship. We will have a communal blessing for all students, teachers, professors and educators as they begin the new school year. (And, – reminder – as you see of our event: we will celebrate Rie at fellowship hour after worship).

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He had compassion for them | American Lutheran Congregation (ALC)

http://www.alcoslo.org/updates/sermons/he-had-compassion-for-them Remember ,- you can listen to, and read pastor’s sermons on our website!

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Can you guess on what date the different pictures are taken? (All made during worship time around 11.45 – 12.00)

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Messenger | American Lutheran Congregation (ALC)

http://www.alcoslo.org/updates/messenger ….and you can also read the Messenger here. June paper edition has been out at church for a while. From September 2018 the Messenger will be published quarterly, and will have some new content.

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American Lutheran Church in Oslo, Norway on Twitter

http://www.alcoslo.org/updates/sermons/mustard-tree pastor Joel’s sermon June 17.

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Here are my mothers and brothers | American Lutheran Congregation (ALC)

Remember – you can listen to pastor Joel’s sermons also from the website 🤗

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Are you willing to share your gifts and a little part of your time in ministry of ALC? There are many people who are volunteering at ALC and we would like to welcome you to join us! You can send an email to the office, without filling out the TIME AND TALENT SHEET found in the Narthex at church. The different ministries in the church are loosely divided between these chairs in the council: (Toril) Worship – including music and leading singers on Sundays (Wyonne) Membership (Fundi) Outreach (Marielle) Communication and technology (Nick) Properties (David) Education – including Sunday School (Mark) Stewardship

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For the handed out and shared survey earlier this spring, we got 33 responses. All boxes were not checked by everyone, hence the numbers do not add up under every question. Some also gave the church written feedback. The results are presented on the website http://www.alcoslo.org A big THANK YOU to all respondents! The Communications and Technology Committee as well as the whole council are concerned and interested in the congregants views and thoughts. The works of the new Communications and Technology Committee are still in progress. We will share news with you. /Marielle

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