Easter Sunday

Alleluia!  Jesus Christ is Risen!  He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Today is a joyous day for us, a day of total joy in the celebration of our Savior’s resurrection to new life.  And if it is such for us, we might imagine how the disciples felt that first Easter morning upon hearing the news of […]



Today is the first Sunday in Advent.  Advent, which means “coming” is all about waiting for the one who is to come.  For these four Sundays, it is as if we are waiting along with the ancient ones for the coming of the Messiah.  We are looking towards the baby’s advent into our world, into […]


Jesus’ People, Forgiven and Loved

There are times when a scripture passage really hits home…today is one of those times for me.  Not the Mark scripture, but rather the verses we heard Ann read from Hebrews, especially the second and third verses in speaking of a priest. “He is able to deal gently with the ignorant and wayward since he […]


Pioneer of our Salvation

Living here in Norway these past years has forced me to ponder upon the ways that I speak about and act in regards to my faith and its understanding in the world. What I mean is that many of the Norwegians, outside of our church, that I have come to know on a deeper level […]


Who ever wants to be first shall be last

Jesus is a hard master to follow.  He is!  I mean, how do you follow someone who constantly is asking you to to try and live, to try and do, to try and speak against your very nature?  HOW?  How? Look at the disciples, they don’t get how to do it.  In fact they don’t […]


Ephesians 6

Unlike most of his other letters, the Apostle Paul wrote Ephesians to the believers in the church in Ephesus to teach and encourage them in their daily lives as a community of individual believers.  He wanted them to understand more about how to live out their lives as believers in Christ. We can see this […]


The Lord of the Sabbath

Our two stories from Mark this morning are linked by a number of commonalities.  What links them?  Let’s start with what is the most obvious link between these two stories in Mark, chapter 2. Most, if not all of you, will immediately think, “The link is that they both take place on the Sabbath!” And, […]


God so loved

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.” is part of the last verse of our lesson from Ephesians this morning. In this verse the Apostle Paul is speaking to us about our purpose in life.  We, the people of God, saved by grace through our faith in Jesus Christ are […]


The Kingdom of Heaven

In the 5 parables that we read earlier Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to different things that his audience at the time could easily relate to.  These things were things that the audience at that time could relate to. It could be a bit strange for us but they were very ordinary things for […]


The Importance of a Name

When the angel spoke to Mary he shared with her that she needed to give the son born to her a special name, a name with meaning. She must name him Jesus. In Hebrew it is, Yehoshua, which means, “God saves.” Today is the day that we remember the naming of Jesus, on the eighth […]

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