Sharon Hermanson

When the Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

In today’s Gospel, Luke lays the scene of a very ordinary day. Jesus, one of many teachers and healers of the day, was by the lake addressing a crowd, something he had been doing for some time as he began his ministry in the Capernaum area (since he had left Nazareth after being chased to […]


Who Are You

Who are you? We often get asked when it means, “What’s your name?” But, the question “Who are you?”  with a bit of thought, gets more complicated.  How do we define ourselves?  Job titles, personal accomplishments, life experiences, family roles such as parent, child, aunt or grandparent.  In an international community, nationality and cultural traditions […]


Where do you get your Power

May the words from my mouth and the meditation of —each – and every one of — our hearts be acceptable to you, O LORD, our rock and our Redeemer……(Psalm 19:14) … Amen.   Where do you get your Power? There is an African saying, “riding the tiger,” a Bishop and political leader explained to […]


God calls us to be Under Shepherds

This is Good Shepherd Sunday.  The Fourth Sunday after Easter.  The church year is in 3-year cycles for the Scripture liturgically, yet we read a part of this chapter in John’s Gospel every year.  It is seen to be that important in our Christian lives.  Our sermon hymn today begins, The Lord is my Shepherd. […]