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United in Christ


Jesus has a purpose


Jesus interacts regardless category

How we interact with people we meet is based on how we categories each other. We are asked – how was Jesus suppose to interact with gentiles (everyone else)? Jesus came for all mankind, not only for Jews, which was expected. In Luke 8:26-39 Jesus heals a demon-possessed Man, a gentile. Jesus heals and has […]


Your sins are forgiven

Jesus gives forgiveness daily to everyone rather than gives physically healing. We are reminded by the importance of forgiveness is the ultimate act of Jesus ministry. In John 1:29-34 Behold, The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. In Luke 7:44-50 two type of sinners, Simon (with pride) and the Woman […]


God called me through his grace

Pastor shares a story on grace of love. Compares to verses in Luke 7:11-19 where Jesus Raises the son of the widow, and in Acts 9:1-19 when Paul is converted (Saul) and called by God. Because of original sin Jesus compassion is present in our life everyday. Jesus is our savior.

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