Lenton Worship

Palm Sunday

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What Grace Looks Like

Did you know that the Bible was written without chapters and verses?  Actually, the oldest copies in existence that we have, do not even have punctuation. So, you see that chapter numbers, and verse breaks have been added, as have the titles that certain translations and versions of the Bible add, before teachings and parables […]


Fig Tree Sermon

The older that I’ve become the more I see the importance of eating right.  It just doesn’t do me any good to be stopping off at a fast-food restaurant for a burger and fries, when if I planned ahead a little I could have packed myself a sandwich with some veggies on the side.  Now, […]


First Sunday in Lent

After his baptism, Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days, alone.  He did this in preparation for his coming ministry.  This wasn’t unheard of, both Moses and Elijah had done the same sort of thing to prepare themselves for their coming ministries on behalf of the Lord. Moses spent forty days and nights on […]


Lazarus, Come out

I talk a lot about life up here in this pulpit. This morning is not going to be any different, except, that, I hope I can do it in a slightly different way, so as to give us, you AND me a different look at life. Do you remember how I have shared with you […]