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The American Lutheran Congregation Annual Meeting –
Sunday, January 28, 2018
  – Meeting to begin at 13:00 in
Hanson Hall. Potluck precedes  meeting, following worship.
Only Voting Members, age 18 or older (per the constitution)
are able to partake in the proceedings of the Annual Meeting.
Voting Members must sign in before the meeting to establish
that a quorum is present. Non-members and visitors may
observe, but not vote, nor partake in the legislative proceedings,
this includes; commenting, making motions, etc.

Have you picked up?
The annual report
 was out last Sunday
to the congregation. If you did not pick
up your copy, please find it on the table
in the Narthex at the church this Sunday.
Members, please sign on the list when
you pick it up.
Now we are in January, it is an important
month for us as we will reflect and summerize
our activities in 2017 and elect a new Church council.
The annual report will be out to the
congregation on Sunday January 14. and
the annual meeting to be held after the
worship service and potluck lunch on
Sunday January 28.